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Our family heritage

The best and most adorable puppies you will ever meet

We home breeders and are crazy French Bulldog lovers with more than 20 years experience. As an ethical breeder, we stand out from most online breeders and leave backyard breeders far behind for sure.

Producing a healthy litter of French Bulldog puppies is nothing that happens all by itself. To give you a puppy, which you can enjoy for the rest of its life needs quite some preparation.

There are also ongoing testing to make sure that only the best genetic material is passed on to the next generation. Of course, britishbullies cannot guarantee you that your new pup might never get sick. What we can assure you is, that through all those years of breeding Frenchies, we have done the uttermost our side.

We can assure you there are no inherited diseases passed on.

By the time our puppies are ready to find their forever families, they are all vet checked, micro-chipped and vaccinated. For the next few weeks, there is nothing else for you to do. You only need to enjoy the love your new companion brings to the family.

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Sweet English Bullies also avalable

Health history of parents plays an important role in the further health of a French bulldog puppy you want to buy.

We are extremely pleased to offer for sale our stunning litter of  English Bulldog looking for their forever homes. They are super adorable, 100% healthy, very playful and very loving.

All Kc registered they will have their first injection and all be vet health checked mum and dad are in perfect health, they will be wormed.

is it free to ship a puppy

Free Shipping Worldwide!

Indeed, we have shipped our precious puppies to almost every country in the world. And we like to stay in touch with our  Bulldog caretakers for assistance when need arise during the first 3 weeks after you received your pet.

 however, our reputation expands beyond the borders of Europe. Ask us now, and we find the right pup for you.

We are committed to shipping our precious French Bulldog puppies and English bulldog puppies anywhere around the world. Our shipping price is free per puppy, which includes a nanny that will travel with your chosen four-legged friend. She or he will attend to the puppy’s every need and make sure that it arrives well and safe as its destination.