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Name: Bella.

Breed – French Bulldog 

Sex     – Female

Age     – 12 Weeks

She is affectionate and sweet loving puppy. She love to shower her puppy lovely kisses every morning to let you know how much you mean to her. Be ready to welcome beautiful, happy, healthy, and ready to play puppy.

This french puppy will be up to date on her puppy veterinary checks and vaccinations just in time to come to her new home.

Don’t miss on the lovely addition to your family. You will love her for her desire to be around you and smartness.

Buy French Bulldog Puppies

French bulldogs are very adorable bulldog breed which has always been meant for companionship. they all originated from the English bulldogs miniature versions.

As soon as the bulldog, which is now call French bulldogs became prominent in France during the industrial revolution, there was a subsequent successful cross-breeding of the English bulldogs, the pug dog, and the terrier that let to the development of the modern day bulldog species popularly call the French bulldogs.

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our puppies bulldogs are fun, loving , healthy and ready to play they will make good companion with your kids as-well.

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French Bulldog Price

Here at our bulldog pet home we have bulky and beautiful french bulldog puppies for sale and adoption at a affordable price. Our relationship with you do not end when your puppy arrive safely home. This is just the beginning to crown it all. we are always here to ensure assistance when needed.

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  1. Grasilda

    i love this puppy so much and would like to get her for my daughter.

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